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The following people both sequenced midis and gave me permission to use them:
Ron Clarke - Midi Pages
Diego Gillarate
Mark Johnson - Midisite
Malcolm Littlemore
Dan Mudry
Lesley Nelson - Contemplator's Folk Music Site
Søren Videbæk Nielsen - Music & Pictures
Robert Thorpe - Uilleann Midi Page
Benjamin Robert Tubb - Public Domain Music
Harold Doolan
John Kwasnik
Dan Morrill
Bryn Sahm

The following people sequenced midis but at this time I have not been able to contact them to get permission. If you know of their e-mail address or web site then please

R. G. Allen
John Renfro Davis
Brian Hicks
Jim Huff
Bruce Liberati
E. Skipwith
Russ Spaulding

Barry Taylor's music is available at Traditional Tunes in Midi Format and general permission is given to use his files.

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