Lovely Willie

Oh, it happened one evening at the playing of ball 
That I first met lovely Willie, so proper and tall. 
He was neat, fair, and handsome, and straight in every limb; 
There's a heart in this bosom lies breaking for him. 

"And will you go with me a short piece of the road 
For to view my father's dwelling and place of abode?" 
Well, he knew by her look and her languishing eye 
That he was the young man she valued most high. 

"There's a house in my father's garden, lovely Willie," said she, 
"Where lords, dukes, and earls they all wait upon me. 
And when they are sleeping in their long silent rest 
It's then I'll go with you; you're the boy I love best." 

But her father'd been listening; in an ambush he lay 
For to hear the fond words those true lovers did say. 
And with a sharp rapier he pierced her love through 
And the innocent blood of her Willie he drew. 

The grave had been dug and lovely Willie laid in; 
The mass it was chanted to cleanse his soul from sin. 
And it's, "Oh, honoured father, you may speak as you will 
But the innocent blood of my love you did spill. 

"So I will go off to some foreign country 
Where I shall know no one, and no knows me. 
And it's there I will wander till I close my eyes in death 
All for you, lovely Willie; you're the boy I love the best."